“Turf: A Conversational Concert in Black and White.”

“Created by OBlE-award winning artist Robbie McCauley in collaboration with 11 Boston actors, singersand storytellers, “Turf” was a performance with issues of education, race, class in this country, using stories of the Boston school busing controversy in the 1970s as its starting point. Produced in June 1996 in association with WGBH Radio, Boston, ”Turf” was in distribution to public radio stations nationally; in Boston, Troy/Albany, Madison, Louisville and Amherst, “Turf”, and was coupled with live local call-in sessions with McCauley and some of her Boston collaborators. In November of 1996 “Turf” won an Achievement in Radio (A.I.R.) Award for Best Art or Cultural Events Coverage in Boston.” http://www.artistsincontext.org/index.php/about/the-arts-company.html

Part of Primary Sources: A series of three works

“From 1991-1994, The Arts Company worked with McCauley (a New York-based African American writer, performer and director) on a highly successful trilogy of new mixed media performance theatre works based on race relations in this country in the 1960s and 1970s in different parts of the US. All three works were made in close collaboration with localartists and grew out of stories collected from the local communities. The first in the series, “Mississippi Freedom, focused on the voting rights struggle and toured to seven locations in Mississippi in 1992 (we also toured to the 1993 Whitney Biennial in New York and to Houston in March1996); the second, “Turf”, (see above), was presented at four neighborhood locations in Boston in 1993; the third, “The Other Weapon”, centered on stories of the Black Panther Party and was seen at four locations in Los Angeles in 1994.” http://www.artistsincontext.org/index.php/about/the-arts-company.html


Connie Blaszczyk (producer), The Arts Company


Tour 1990-94

  • Boston Center for the Arts
  • Charlestown Working Theatre
  • Strand Theatre, Boston
  • South Boston Boys & Girls Club


1996, Adaptation of TURF, WGBH Radio, Boston

1996, Adaptation of TURF,  Connie Blaszczyk (producer) with The Arts Company