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The American Dream in Color at Roxbury Repertory Theatre

Roxbury Repertory Theatre’s new production of Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize winning Death of a Salesman, frequently regarded by critics as the preeminent American play, portrays the demise of the American Dream through a prism of racial color.

“The American Dream is no longer dreamed in black-and-white,” says Obie Award winner Robbie McCauley, Artistic Director and Director of Death of a Salesman. “As I thought about this work, which Miller prophetically wrote at the dawn of the post-World War II boom of the white middle class, I was looking to cast the struggle of Willy Loman from a different, black American perspective. As the project evolved, it became clear that the dissipation of the white American Dream in an emerging America of color adds new texture to Miller’s masterpiece.”

A majority of blacks (55%) and Hispanics (52%) still believe in the American Dream, compared to a minority of whites (35%), according to a CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation Poll (Aug-Oct 2015).

“The America Dream is the quintessential sales pitch Americans have bought since our nation began,” says Marshall Hughes, Director of Fine, Performing and Media Arts and Managing Director of Roxbury Repertory Theatre. “Is it alive, or dying, or changing? In an election year, we’re now bombarded with new versions of it. In some ways, we share an American Dream across raees; in other ways, our dreams couldn’t be more different. Since our society is our dreams, it’s a topic worthy of reflection.”

A multi-racial cast of actors dance through Willy Loman’s head to challenge audiences’ perspectives on the subject.

Performances are at the Media Arts Center’s Mainstage (Building 1), 1234 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury across from the Roxbury Crossing T-stop.

Performance Dates: February 25 – 27 and March 3 – 5

Performance Times: Thursdays and Fridays 10AM and 8PM; Saturdays at 2PM

Tickets are $10 for the general public, $5 for students and seniors.

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“Wylie Avenue Views” by Barbara Lewis – Interview with Robbie McCauley, Award-Winning Actress – “Always Learning”, Part I

December 21, 2015

By Barbara Lewis, Ph.D.

Routes, a Guide to African American Culture

“This interview with Robbie McCauley, award-winning actress, inaugurates Wylie Avenue Views, a column about art and activism. Wylie Avenue is real and imaginary. It runs down the center of August Wilson’s ten play urban saga and it is forever alive, pulsing with music and ideas and new possibilities.”



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Jazz'n Class

2015 Elliot Norton Award Nominee for Outstanding Solo Performance

Celeste Oliva, Grounded (Nora Theatre Company); Benjamin Evett, Albatross (Mike Seiden and The Poets’ Theatre); and Robbie McCauley, Jazz ‘n Class (Sleeping Weazel) were nominated for the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Solo Performance. These nominees along with several others were announced by the Boston Theater Critics Association. “Winners to be revealed on Monday, May 11, 2015 at 7 PM, at Boston’s Citi Performing Arts Center Shubert Theatre.”

Elliot Norton Awards | Nominees


Photo Courtesy of David Marshall,

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The Stories Exchange Projects…

Documentary of all phases produced by Gary Griffin.

Complete documentary available from

The Fund for New Performance/Video 175 West 73rd Street, New York, NY 10023

Excerpts from documentaries:

  • The Stories Exchange Project:Prague (in two parts)
  • My Way and His Way: The Stories Exchange Project available below

Videos | Stories Exchange Project

Copyright 2002 “The Fund For New Performance/Video”

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