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“Wylie Avenue Views” by Barbara Lewis – Interview with Robbie McCauley, Award-Winning Actress – “Always Learning”, Part I

December 21, 2015

By Barbara Lewis, Ph.D.

Routes, a Guide to African American Culture

“This interview with Robbie McCauley, award-winning actress, inaugurates Wylie Avenue Views, a column about art and activism. Wylie Avenue is real and imaginary. It runs down the center of August Wilson’s ten play urban saga and it is forever alive, pulsing with music and ideas and new possibilities.”



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Theater 32.1, Winter 2002

Up Front: American Theaters Reflect on the Events of September 11

Theater Volume 32, Number 1 8/20/2007

By: Emmy Grinwis, John J. Hanlon, Alice Rebecca Moore, Magda Romanska, Alexis Soloski, Oskar Eustis, Amy Huggans, Jim Findlay, Iver Findlay, Anna Deavere Smith, Richard Foreman, Blanka Zizka, Jiri Zizka, David Herskovits, Martin Benson, Rob Orchard, Jim Nicola, Robbie McCauley, Carey Perloff, Judith Malina, Hanon Reznikov, Jerry Goralnick, Megan Monaghan, Crystal Field, Martha Lavey, Lee Breuer, John Collins, Molly Smith, Doug Paterson, Roberta Uno, Karen Martenson, John O’Neal, Melanie Joseph, Dudley Cocke, and Bill Talen



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